Monday, September 1, 2008

September Good Deed

Can you believe it's that time again? September is here and so is the good deed that we have all been waiting for! First, I want to thank everyone again for making Abbie's Good Deed, an awesome turnout and experience!! Our first good deed went so well and I am hoping the next 11 will as well!

For our September Good Deed I was thinking and thinking, and searching and searching when I came across another great website and organization!

Since it is September and the season is changing and school is starting, I came across a website called What better way to start September off by having a good deed focused around school. I think many times we forget how important it is for every classroom to have the necessary supplies and equipment to make learning exciting, fun and also achievable for each student. Being a teacher, I know what it's like to be broke, frustrated and disappointed when all your efforts go into having a child succeed and perform to the best of their abilities when suddenly you realize you don't have colored pencils to do a project that you spent hours planning. Or, walking over to the supply cabinet and the stack of writing paper is completely empty.

I went through my receipts to see what I spent the beginning of last year, and my total was $377.34! That was just the beginning!

So for the month of Sept. I feel that we can come together as a group and donate items needed by teachers, whether in low income areas, or not, to help make their job a little easier. We all know that definitely do not get paid enough, so we can help! I randomly picked two states, New Mexico and Wisconsin, and I also included Ohio and picked 3 classrooms; an elementary classroom, middle and high classrooms that need our help! Below are the teachers and items needed by each class. As I receive the items I will take them off of the list so that we are donating as much as we can to each classroom.

Here are the lucky and BLESSED recipients:
1. Mrs. Mary Kovach
Marion Elementary School
Wish List :

Art Supplies:
tempera paint
paint brushes in various sizes
rubber cement

Books/Learning Materials:
Variety of books for classroom
library for grade 6

Science Equipment:
balance scale
heating plate
plastic beakers
zip lock bags
Periodic Table

Office Equipment/Supplies:

Pens & Pencils
Binders 1 1/2 inch

Office Equipment/Supplies:
Ink Cartridges Epson Stylus C84
Post its
Notebooks wide line

2. Mrs. Sarah Domingus
West Carrollton Middle School
Wish List:
Photography Equipment/Supplies:
Digital Camera

Office Equipment/Supplies:
Sharpie Markers - Fine Tip
25 Composition Books

Computer Equipment/Software:
Document Camera

Books/Learning Materials:
30 copies of So B. It by Sarah Weeks

Office Equipment/Supplies:
20 Rubbermaid baskets -- approximately 9"wx12"lx4"h
30 Personal Dry Erase Wipe Boards dry erase markers

3. Mrs. Patricia Spitz
Taos High School
Wish List:

Office Equipment/Supplies:
20 calculators -- Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Solar Scientific Calculator

Art Supplies:
20 sets of colored pencils to draw graphs
3 Sets of 12 scissors each - 36 total -- which cut paper. Helps with geometry to show students angle measures, properties of polygons, etc.

Here is Patricia's Story:
Hi! My name is Patricia Spitz. I have been a teacher for the past 14 years, the past 4 with Taos High School. I have been teaching math, mostly Algebra, but this year I taught Geometry. I don't have enough of the tools of the trade to go around. Students in Taos many times are not very well off and can't afford to purchase materials so we supplement a lot during the school year with whatever we can find. We scrounge around and make do. If you can help me with a set of or any number of these calculators, it would be a godsend. Also, many of our activities require students to draw figures or cut paper to demonstrate properties in Geometry. A class set really would help a lot. Thank you ahead of time for considering a donation to my classes. I teach 3 classes of about 28-31 students each and one website class. I also teach one Algebra class. My math classes would share these items, so you would be helping about 100 students at Taos High School.

****All you have to do to commit to participating to this GOOD DEED is post a comment of what you are committing to send. As I get more and more committing people I will eliminate the items that are being donated off the list so we can see just how much we are impacting the lives of these children and teachers! If you need my address to send your items too please email me at or just post it in your comment!

DEADLINE: ALL items need to be postmarked by September 25th, 2008!!!
GOAL: To eliminate everything off of each list!!!!!!!! HELP SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!

The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped
Proverbs 11:25 (MSG) Thank you Charlotte for sharing that scripture!


Geri said...

I will be donating:
Elementary: pens, pencils, and paper

Middle:composition books

High: colored pencils

Luvkids334 said...

Are you going to do a follow up from the August Good Deed ? People are asking me about it.
I'm assuming you received my pkg ?


Would like to see a follow up on the August good deed! You said you would post pictures, etc. Please do so.
Thank you!