Monday, October 13, 2008

Handbag Planet

You have to go over to Handbag Planet and check out their purse giveaway! They have so many cute purses that you have a chance to win! Here is the link!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Make your Own Mini Kitchen Guide+ 2 Giveaways!

So how many of you have been over to the new Blissfully Domestic site? My sister (she's one of their editors so I figured she was bias) :) kept ranting and raving about how awesome it is and how they have articles on everything a woman could possibly be interested in. So I finally went over to check it out. Man! It is awesome! I love to craft and so I spent quite a bit of time in the Creative Bliss column-where amongst lots of cool crafts I found this.

A handy-dandy-make-it-yourself kitchen guide! How many of you run around the kitchen, digging in drawers and cabinets and shelves looking through oodles of cookboooks for that little bit of info you need right now.

Well this idea will fix that problem-quite prettily at that. Monique (one of their contributors) gave this idea to create this really cute kitchen guide. She even gave the links where you can download the layout she used along with several others. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Also check out the current giveaways over at A Tad Bit Prudish. She's giving away TWO awesome magnetic scrapbook tins so be sure to enter! Add yourself to her followers and she'll enter you twice! Also check out the giveaway for her acorn necklaces here!! Today's the last day to enter so hurry over!

Happy Winning!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Americans Get the FACTS

Okay, not to offend anyone by this next post but come on Americans, WAKE UP!!!!

This has been weighing heavily on my heart over the past few weeks as I watch the news, debates and stupid, stupid campaign commercials. I cannot wait for those to be over!!! But what really has been bothering me is how easily influenced we as Americans are! Instead of using our own minds and brains to figure out the facts we will listen to the TV anchors and reporters, most of them liberals, with exception to Fox news who in my opinion is the most fair, they actually show BOTH sides. Why can't we just accept facts as facts and lies as lies.

When the campaign began I honestly was going to vote for Mickey Mouse come November 4th. I was actually riding the fence and I am a DEVOUT Republican. I was so tired of what the Republicans and Democrats have been doing in Washington. Honestly, we as Americans do not have a voice anymore. Are we really living in a Representative Democracy of Government? I would say absolutely not!!!! For example, when the issue of the $700 billion dollar bail out came up, why did we not vote on it as Americans! It is our money they are using to bail out Wall Street and yet we have to rely on these corrupt men and women we have elected that are now paid off to vote whatever way is more suitable for these politicians pockets!

Anyways, I turned my vote towards McCain and Palin when I learned that the Republican party did not want McCain to run! If that is the case then my vote was definitely leaning towards McCain. We need someone in the White House who isn't afraid to stand up for US!!! Another thing, all the FACTS, that point Obama to the radicals such as Bill Ayers and Acorn group and Rev. Wright, are just being pushed aside! WHY????? WAKE UP! This is soooo important! They are shaking it off now, but what happens if Obama gets elected and these are the people who he associates himself with? My grandfather has a saying which I understood the more I grew up, "Let me look at your friends and who they are, and I will tell you who you are!" It's soo true. When you surround yourself with radicals and terrorist what are you eventually going to think or do or believe??? Bottom line, I vote mainly on moral issues since our society is so very low on those anyway, 1.) Am I a baby killer? NO! (republican vote) 2.) Do I believe that God created man to be with a woman and not another man or vice versa YES! (republican vote) 3.) If I ever open a business do I want the government to tell me that I HAVE to provide medical coverage for my employees? NO! (that should be my CHOICE, as an American, not forced by the government) (republican vote)
Bottom line, John McCain and Sarah Palin are the right choice for the white house. LOOK AT THE FACTS! We are Americans, lets use all the resources we have to find out the facts to better decide who we are putting in office!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


OHHHH MY GOODNESS!!! On Friday night I attended the NKOTB concert! Can I just say I was speechless, not really since I lost my voice that night, but I could not have expected anything better! The concert was the best I have ever been too. Between the old songs they sang that took you back to the past like, My Favorite Girl, Step by Step, The Right Stuff and Cover Girl, they also sang some of their newest hits as well!

My favorite part was when Donnie stood up in front of the Cleveland crowd and was speechless at the amount of people that showed up and how the fans reacted to their "coming out".  They were all so thankful to have such dedicated fans!  If they were doing a concert in a nearby city I would definietly go again!

Winners of my Giveaway!!!

Okay we have long awaited the winners of my September giveaway! Here they are!!

Tissue Holders:

ihchicky who said: I just checked out your store. You have a lot of great items. I especially like your coasters and women's shirts. Thanks for the chance

Marfa who said: My favorites are the coasters and the silverware holder....what great ideas and beautiful fabric!


::Sylvia:: who said: How cool! I love her products! What a terrific giveaway!

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