Tuesday, October 7, 2008


OHHHH MY GOODNESS!!! On Friday night I attended the NKOTB concert! Can I just say I was speechless, not really since I lost my voice that night, but I could not have expected anything better! The concert was the best I have ever been too. Between the old songs they sang that took you back to the past like, My Favorite Girl, Step by Step, The Right Stuff and Cover Girl, they also sang some of their newest hits as well!

My favorite part was when Donnie stood up in front of the Cleveland crowd and was speechless at the amount of people that showed up and how the fans reacted to their "coming out".  They were all so thankful to have such dedicated fans!  If they were doing a concert in a nearby city I would definietly go again!

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Jenny J said...

hey geri
it's been awhile since i stopped by (package swap girl as a memory refresher).
i too went to the nkotb concert...
and i still get teary eyed about it.
people think i'm a freak.
but seriously...was it not one of THE best concerts you have ever been to.
and seriously, with jordan by the fan singing....
i'm glad someone else can appreciate it as well...