Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Today we are celebrating my DH's first official fathers day! We started the day by going to church and then we ventured out into the mall to get our lil cupcakes 10 month pictures done! What an adventure that was! Not because the mall was packed, because actually it was quite dead, but because every 2 months since my daughter was born, I take her to get her pics taken.  She is honestly a pro, posing and smiling for the camera every time! Well today was quite different! I literally almost had to stand on my head to get even a smirk out of her! I was sweating and feeling quite bad for Tiffany, the girl who was making Abby Cadabby stand on her head! We did get a few good shots, but normally I purchase at least 10 sheets, well today just 6! (I know even that is too many but how could you say no to the any pictures you worked so hard to get??)  So now we are lounging around my parents house, where my cupcake went swimming and is now sleeping peacefully! This weeks schedule is pretty hectic, I may even take a sweet little nap to begin preparing for it! Happy Fathers Day to all the great dads out there! Hope it was a good one!

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