Thursday, June 26, 2008

Celebrating my 4th Anniversary

Last weekend, Phil and I went to Cleveland and spent the weekend enjoying each other. We went on a dinner cruise on a boat called the Nautica Queen for dinner and dancing. We arrived in Cleveland on Saturday afternoon and checked into our hotel called Hyatt Regency Cleveland and the Arcade. It was absolutely beautiful. I love nice hotels! It look like a scene from the Titanic; there was a golden staircase and the suites faced out into the Arcade (not a game room but a two story shopping center). The center of the hotel had golden lampposts, it was gorgeous and the rooms were very clean! I don't know what it is about hotel toiletries but every time I go to a hotel I have to take as many as possible. It's like an obsession. The target this time....the soap in the shower. It had little massage knobs and smelled like lavender citrus. So before I could snatch the one from our shower, Phil used it and the little massage knobs went away! So Phil did something bad...he took two from the hotel maids cart... oops! Anyways so now I have some for myself.

I began getting dressed for our dinner cruise and the weather advisory came on the TV and it was pouring! I was so mad, but after I tried on a little black dress I wore for my sisters engagement party like 6 years ago and it fit well enough to wear all my anger went away and I didn't care if we had to eat in the restaurant down stairs, I was wearing that dress! On the way to the dinner boat our GPS went down because, you guessed it, it was raining! I just prayed God would let us get there on time, and about 10 minutes later we were there. The boat needed updating and we were seated on the bottom level which didn't help me feel less seasick. But once the boat took off our lovely night began. We had a wonderful dinner, great dessert and even had our picture taken by a bunch of camera guys. (It cost us $20.00 to get our pictures but it was worth it!) The DJ played great songs and Phil and I danced to a few of them. We went to the top of the boat and watched the sunset on the water, a couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and we even got to witness a guy propose to his girlfriend. It was a great night.

The next day we went shopping!!! Beachwood mall was our final destination! I bought a great pair of shoes from Bakers, a few makeup products from Sephora (I love this store), and those cool colored bracelets that glitter from Aldo accessories. I am loving life!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! It sounds like you guys had a great time! My hubby and I really need to go away together soon. We are hoping to get away in the spring to celebrate our 5th anniversary.