Friday, June 13, 2008


Okay, I was wondering what I can do to help my environment, I began googling different recycling and go green ideas and I came across this website which I thought was a great idea! This website is called Crazy Crayons and they ask that you send in your old, broken and unwanted crayons! I wish I knew about this when I was teaching, how many crayons I threw away! They take the crayons and create new ones in funny shapes and colors! If you are interested in this great idea, check out their website:

It's a cool program and great for our environment.


Marfa said...

Awesome....well, I know what I'll pack for our next camping trip to help start the fire!!!

::Sylvia:: said...

This is so cool, what a great way to recycle crayons! We recycle some of them at home with our crayola crayon maker, but there are still lots left that go unused! Thanks for the info!