Monday, June 9, 2008

Keepin It Real!

I have been tagged by Sylvia, my favorite and only sister to participate in this meme. The intention of this meme is to see how fellow bloggers, whose lives seem to be perfect, really are in their real life environments. I thought this was really fun, but remember NO PRIMPING THE PHOTOS! This means you cannot tidy up before pics!

1. The Fridge, All I have to say is "Old Mother Hubbard went to the Fridge and it was BARE!" Okay so I have to go shopping.

2. My Closet; Okay, I moved like 4 months ago and had to downsize about twice as small as before but I think I'm doing an okay job.... maybe

3. My Kitchen Sink; I just cleaned it before I received the tag! YaY! The burgers are for dinner.

4. Toilet; What's left to say........

5. My Favorite Shoes; I love these shoes! Comfortable at first but then they need to come off! They even have real fur like substance on them, I always tell people to pet them! Thank you Steve Madden!

6. My Favorite Room; Need I say more, the only place in the house that you can go to get some peace and quiet and privacy! 7. My Favorite Spot in the House; The chaise lounge! Very comfortable and relaxing, right in front of the TV!
8. My Laundry; Yes I have to do it! Now my husband has proof!

9. Next Room that Needs to be CLEANED; This room is being used as my craft room for my swap, my bags and paper clippings, and everything else is right here! Opps...

10. My Dream Vacation; Italy!!! I want to go!!! It seems so romantic and serene. I hope to hit the lottery so I can go, the only problem is I don't play.



Anonymous said...

Hi Swap-Partner!

So, your dream vacation is Italy?! How perfect because I have been there :) My father was actually born in Italy. Now, I am really excited to send you your package. I'll have to get on that right away :)

Anonymous said...

Ok.. I will attempt to do this this week sometime. My USB drive isn't working on my computer, so my hubby has to upload them for me and he isn't the greatest at actually doing it.. haha. So I'll ask :)

Orthodox Mom said...

Well now I have more of an idea of what the house looks like :) You better clean up that area before my boys get into your crafting!! Love and miss ya!

Jessica said...

Lovin' those shoes! I need a chaise lounge...

What a great post. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

wanted to invite you to link your Keeping it Real post to my blog fest I'm hosting tomorrow. Marfa was the inspiration behind it all! Come play; it'll be fun!