Friday, August 1, 2008


Changing Mat That's Changing Minds

Rather than argue about the value of a changing table, I'd much rather complain about the crappy changing pad options out there. Most are incredibly flimsy, and require covers that end up in the wash almost as often as I'm changing diapers.The genius Kuster Jellybaby Changing Mat however is made from pvc-free memory foam which wipes cleans (yes wipes!) in a snap. If you're still feeling the need for a cover, the washable cotton liner is actually pretty stylish but I wouldn't bother. The mat is warm to the touch, and it forms to the shape of your baby so it's totally comfy!
Use code cmp10offkuster for 10% off Kuster orders at Barebabies.

Fantastic find courtsey of Kristen over at CoolMomPix

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