Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Hubby's Birthday!

On August 16th we celebrated my Phil's 29th birthday! I can't believe only one more year until he is 30! We started dating when he was only 18! Time sure flies! Well for his birthday celebration we went to Cedar Point. It's an awesome amusement park right here in Sandusky, Ohio. They have the best roller coasters in the world! (seriously, they do!)

I had a lot of fun on the rides we rode, but we were there for seven hours, spent 200 dollars and rode three rides, ate once, and played in the arcade! The lines were sooooo long! We spent 6 hours in line total and rode each ride an average of 60 seconds! I love, love, love, amusement parks but seriously, they have to do something about those lines!

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Anonymous said...

We were just up there; we could see that one really tall roller coaster from Put-in-Bay. We had a great time up on Lake Erie with my family. How far are you guys from that area?