Thursday, May 29, 2008

Awaiting my new AeroGarden! I am an EBAY freak!

Okay, I must really have a obsessive personality because once I get hooked on something (like blogging) I really get hooked! Secretly, I am completely and utterly in love with bidding, yes bidding, Ebay is my favorite site! Well yesterday I had an exciting trip to Gales Nursery in Cleveland, Ohio, where I spotted the coolest kitchen appliance! It's called the AeroGarden. I had seen this on TV commericals, but to see it in person was just too cool. Here's a picture of it, this picture is from Ebay since I have not recieved mine yet:

Post a comment if you have used this item or are interested in knowing more about it. Once I get this item I will also post my own experiences with it! Yeah!

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Marfa said...

I think I saw it in Sears (by the cooking stuff) and thought it looked awesome, especially since year round you can have herbs, eh? Let us know whatcha think!

My dad went to Parma on Sunday night for a clergy conference (Russian jurisdiction)!