Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Day at the DAN Doctor (Preventative Medicine)

Okay, I am totally on a health kick now! I went to see a DAN doctor and have found how horrible most of the foods are for us (not like I didn't know it but it is always confirming when a MD tells you). So I cut out white flours, carbs, refined sugars, processed food and everything else we sell here in America. I also have banned high fructose corn syrup from my home! (For those of you that watch The View, you know Whoopi disagrees as well!) I am searching out recipes with healthy ingredients such as whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour, wheat germ etc. If anyone comes across any please post! I will also post any great recipes I find as well. I watched a video at the Dr.'s and they mentioned a baking cookbook called Sugar- Free Cookbook Sweet Foods but No Sugar by: Janet Horlsey.

Book Description: In these days of health consciousness most people know that refined sugars are fattening, cause tooth decay, and have almost no nutritional value- the problem is we keep right on liking them anyway. Janet Horsley has a solution to this problem: sweets that are sweet without refined sugar. contains more than 100 recipes for cakes biscuits puddings and desserts-all of them sweetened naturally with fruit juices carob spices honey coconut molasses or malt extract. (Amazon website)

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Susan Sophia said...

One of my favorite cookbooks is called "Uprisings: The Whole Grain Bakers' Book". It uses only whole grains and only honey for a sweetener. THE BEST!
I found my copy at Half-price books for $1. It's fairly old but I did see that Amazon has a newer edition.