Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Okay recently I relocated from Florida, where I spent the last 10 years, graduating from high school, college, getting married to a wonderful man and then I returned home to Ohio. I know what your thinking, why in the world would you do that? That seems to be the most popular question of anyone I run into these days. Well I figured family is more important than a nice tan. Anyways, I decided not to continue my career path in teaching; I needed a long deserved break, but I did want a part time job to get me out of the house. Can you believe I applied anywhere and everywhere and I could not find a job!! Finally after 4 long months I finally hooked a job at a beauty store in the mall making $7.50/hour. I think my career path may turn back to teaching! I spent four years in college to end up working in a stock room, giving the change the register tells me, and rubbing customers hands while trying to sell them product that I don't even like. So my question I ask myself today is "to be or not to be?" I would rather not.

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Marfa said...

How disappointing....well, God must have you doing this for some reason. All in all, sounds like life is good, though, you have a great husband and are close to family!

P.S. We're in Cincinnati, Ohio!