Tuesday, May 27, 2008


For all of you out there who would rather watch the movie then read the book, here is a link to watch the movie released Feb. 08 online for free! I must be honest though, the book is much better!
I would watch version #5 or #10.

This is a wonderful, can't put down book! I give it 4 stars, (that would be out of five).

The story begins in the early days of Henry VIII during his marriage to Queen Katherine of Aragon. Gregory does a wonderful job of portraying Henry in his early years as a kind, loving husband and wonderful king. Gregory also paints a clear picture of what court life was like and how society looked upon women and family status. The trouble began in Henry's court when the realization that Queen Katherine would not bear Henry an heir became known to all who surrounded themselves with the court life. Scandals, plots and manipulation began to arise between the Boleyn family and King Henry. The Boleyn family was bound and determined to get an heir from one of the beautiful and attractive Boleyn girls, Mary and Anne, which in turn, would place the Boleyn family at the top of the ranks as well as lead them to the throne one day. The scandals and plots led the family not the throne but to the tower and then to the block.
This intense, twisted story is so captivating that I could not put the book down. I love books where the end is hard to predict, and with the story Gregory placed so many twists and turns I found myself unable to even guess what was going to happen next. I sat reading this book for four days and finally finished with a tear in my eye and the keys to my car in my hand, Barnes and Noble here I come..... Next, The Boleyn Inheritance...

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::Sylvia:: said...

I'm going to start reading this soon! I just need to finish The Friday Night Knitting Club first!