Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amish Country

My sister and her family came to Ohio to visit over the past week. We did some great things, one of those things was visiting Amish Country in Holmes County Ohio. We had a great time! We had the opportunity to visit an Amish home, their barn, a schoolhouse, and even rode in an Amish buggy! It was really neat! We then went and shopped of course, and ate some yummy food at an Amish restaurant. I really give the Amish a lot of credit, their lifestyle is far greater than mine and I have more (materialistic). The best part of the trip was when we ate homemade "fry pies"!! They were out of this world. I will post the recipe in my next posting! I had an apple filled pie. Here are some pics from our adventure.


Jenny J said...

how fun!
i really admire that culture. i suppose if i was born into it, i would be able to do it. but from my point of view now - no way.
how yummy is the homemade stuff though!

Marfa said...

We went to Berlin & Millersburg in May...we love visiting Amish country! Did you get some cheese?

P.S. Sevasti's dress is so cute...I'll have to tell her!