Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fourth of July!

My family's fourth of July was filled with fun, laughter and moments some of us will never forget. The best part of all was that my sister, Sylvia and her family, flew up from Florida to visit us for a week! I was so happy to see her and the kids, but you wait for that time and it seems to fly by before you know it! On the fourth of July we ate some really good food; ribs, chicken, hamburgers, fila (Greek stuffed grape leaves), potatoes and my favorite dessert!! For dessert my cousin Jenny made an Italian Love Cake. It was out of this world!! The recipe will be posted on my next post. It has ricotta in it and ohhh my! You have to try it. Sylvia and I had the same idea about posting it on our blogs so we raced to the cake to see who got it first. Well she actually took the picture first; I couldn't find my camera but.......little does she know I am blogging it before her hahaha. Anyways, this is what we sisters do....Love you Syl!


::Sylvia:: said...

You're such a brat! ;)

Marfa said...

You guys are so funny....a race, eh? Well, I actually saw it on HER blog first, but I'm happy you've got the recipe right here!!!