Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yummy Art Work

Cake decorating can be way-intimidating (have you ever attempted to wield a piping bag?)—and staring at a blank sheet cake makes my head spin with the possibilities. I love love love this idea from Bakerella—when you are in need of inspiration, take it from your kids. Lay wax paper over your child's drawing and use candy writers as markers to trace their doodles and designs. Place the tray of cake ornaments in the freezer to harden, and voila! Insta-masterpiece. Totally amazing. Totally genius.
Thanks, goodyblog, for the link!
(and p.s...Love the blue sky cake tier. Brilliant touch!)

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Marfa said...

Bakerella's blog is full of sweet projects...the mini-cupcakes are so cute, too.