Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A SWAP Package for me! YAY!

I received my swap package from my Favorite Things swap today! Yay! Thank you Jennifer for such a great package. When I opened the box the items were covered with package peanuts and some of the items were wrapped with brown wrapping paper. Each item had a little tag attached to explain why the items were part of Jennifer's favorite things. Here is the box:

Included in the package was a box of Magic Erasers, A Target gift card, a package of M&Ms Yum!, a homemade Thank You card, and the book Twilight by: Stephenie Meyer! I am so excited to get started reading the book.



Jenny J said...
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Jenny J said...

geri - my package was SO cute! thank you so much.
i had so much fun doing this and am glad you liked the package. although i feel a bit like a slacker because you did cute crafty things, and i only made a card..
but i'm glad you liked the package. i loved mine (especially the tea) and can't wait for the cool nights in mammoth on vacation again in the mountains and cuddle up in a blanket with book number 4 in the twilight series and my cup of tea.
it was great meeting you!
i'll be blog stalking you later.