Monday, July 28, 2008

GOAL! I need 3 more committed people!

set a goal for our August Good Deed, I am very goal oriented and it makes it a challenge to me and all of you out there! I want 15 committed people to participate in our August Good Deed! I have seven already, that is including myself, thank you all who are committed!! I am trying to get some family members to participate as well but we still have almost the whole month of August to get only 3 more people!! We can do it!!!! If you have a mother, sister, aunt, friend etc. that is participating as well, and they do not have a blog, please post a comment and tell me how many people you have committed!


Luvkids334 said...

Hi Geri,

I just posted about this over at my blog and am doing an added incentive of a blog giveaway to anyone else that signs up to participate in this.
Good luck, i think what you are doing is fantastic.


Marfa said...

Did you get my email I sent you last week? I do want to participate.